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Our Story

Mary's Artistic Impressions offers beautifully designed pour paintings on unique pieces of wood, incorporating lasting memories and pictures into each piece. Each artwork is created with passion and creativity, resulting in truly unique and personalized pieces. Shop now to find the perfect artwork to enhance your space.

Art Pieces

Custom Pour Paintings

I created a unique piece of art by incorporating old pictures of my mom and aunt from their senior year on top of my poured painting. To ensure that these precious memories are preserved for a lifetime, I carefully applied a layer of Epoxy. This protective coating not only adds a glossy finish to the artwork but also enhances its durability, enabling it to withstand the test of time. The combination of the vibrant colors in the poured painting and the nostalgic photographs creates a beautiful juxtaposition between the past and the present. Now, whenever I gaze upon this artwork, I am reminded of the cherished moments shared by my loved ones, immortalized in this captivating masterpiece.

Custom Artwork

Bring new life to an old frame by adding vibrant and contemporary colors to its exterior. This simple yet effective technique will instantly update the frame, giving it a fresh and modern look. By pouring the colors over the frame, you can create a unique and eye-catching design that complements any decor style. Whether you choose bold and vibrant hues or subtle and pastel tones, the colorful transformation will breathe new life into the previously outdated frame. With this creative approach, you can effortlessly blend the charm of the past with the vibrancy of the present, making the frame a statement piece in any room. So, let your artistic instincts guide you as you give this old frame a modern twist with a splash of color.

Happy Customers

I absolutely love the pour painting I purchased from Mary's Artistic Impressions. It's a stunning piece that adds a unique touch to my home decor.

The custom artwork created by Mary exceeded my expectations. She captured the essence of the photo I provided and transformed it into a beautiful and meaningful piece.